Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kindy Quilt

I wanted to make Miss Chops a special Kindy quilt. My last one off to Kindy this year, so it was my last chance. 
I wanted her to have something she could keep forever.

It is nice and bright, so much love has gone into this quilt.

I hand stitched her name onto it for her. I also traced her hands and hand stitched a hand print into every row of the quilt. now over the year we can watch her little hand grow.

Something for Miss Chops to look back on when she is all grown up and see how little her hands were when she first started at Kindy.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Kindy Day

Well Miss Chops started Kindy last week :( A very sad occasion for Mummy.

Miss Chops on the other hand, thinks it's the bast thing ever. You get to hang out with your friends for 5 1/2 hours 2 days a week. What more do you want when you are 4....

Painting with your best friend

And Play dough, well thats it. Not sure she will ever want to come home.

Well today while Miss Chops was at kindy I thought I would get over the sadness and make the most of a child free day.

I got a lot of work done.
Edited a photoshoot I did the other day. Cleaned up the kitchen. 

Chose some fabrics for some sew Table runners

And did some baking

Smarty cookies for school and next Kindy day

I thought I would give Play dough a go. I don't usually have it as I used to buy it and it always just dried out on me. Big waste of money.
Today I got a great recipe from a friend and made it for my girls.
They had a great afternoon after school and kindy. Played with the new Play dough and had a smarty cookie or 2 each :)
Anyone who would like to make their own, here is the recipe for you.

2 cups plain flour
1 cup salt
2 tablespoon oil
4 tablespoons cream of Tartar
2 cups boiling water
food colouring.

Mix all dry ingredients together.
add oil and boiling water and few drops of colouring
stir until well mixed and firm.
Kneed on bench

Store in airtight container
does not need cooking and does not need to be refrigerated.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Enough for my Girls

I think my girls are getting enough quilts. but I still want to make more.

My mum and My sister were next in line.

With Sisters Favourite colour being Green and Mum loving earthy tones this was the perfect Birthday przzie for my sister and a great Xmas prezzie for Mum.


Miss Lyss and Miss Chops wanted matching quilts but wanted their favourite colours in their own quilts.

Miss Lyss's favourite colour is purple

While Miss Chops loves blue.

The quilts came up very smart and now live folded on the back of each end of the couch.

Table Runners

I thought I would try some Table Runners and Place mats. 

This is work in progress. It will be the top of 1 runner. Nice earthy colours. Need to chose the backing now.

The top of a Blue runner. Will get into finishing them and making matching Placemats.
Nice easy project :)

Shaggy Snuggle quilt

It was coming into winter and thought my girls would love a snuggle quilt.

Made from flannel, makes for a nice warm shaggy snuggle quilt on those cold winter nights.
Might have to make myself one. :)

Little Miss Chops

My second quilt was to be for Miss Chops single bed.

Miss Chops was 3 when I made this so the soft pastel colours were perfect for my baby girl.

planning my 3rd and 4th quilt already :)

1st ever Quilt

I had a friend teach me to quilt about 18months ago. "You will get addicted" she said. 

This was the first quilt I made. It was a single bed quilt for Miss Lyss. Loved the colours great for a 10yr old girls bed.

Now I have Miss Chops asking where her quilt is. I will make her one, but thats it. I'm not going to get addicted!!