Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kindy Quilt

I wanted to make Miss Chops a special Kindy quilt. My last one off to Kindy this year, so it was my last chance. 
I wanted her to have something she could keep forever.

It is nice and bright, so much love has gone into this quilt.

I hand stitched her name onto it for her. I also traced her hands and hand stitched a hand print into every row of the quilt. now over the year we can watch her little hand grow.

Something for Miss Chops to look back on when she is all grown up and see how little her hands were when she first started at Kindy.


  1. This is a lovely quilt! The idea of the hand prints is fantastic! I've not seen that before.

    The lighter background is great. Much easer to read.

  2. Thanks Shari. I loved the handprint, thought it would be something to keep forever and always look back on.

    I changed the background and heading last night. didn't get to sleep til about 1am. lol