Sunday, 24 June 2012

Crafty Kids

Cold wet and windy, made for a great weekend to spend indoors with my girls. So the girls weren't sitting in front of the tv all weekend I decided to get the girls being crafty.

Firstly we started with a clipboard each for the girls. Getting some ideas of Pinterest which I love we decorated the boards so they looked pretty for the girls.

This week the girls decided they wanted separate rooms so I have been tackling that huge job.

Now they have their own rooms they wanted something special they could make. We decided to make a Pinboard each. Miss Lyss got a glow in the Dark board. and Miss Chops got a little girly board. 

As Miss Chops is only 4 I don't really want pins in her room ready to be stood on. We put straps across her Pinboard and decided to make it a peg board instead.

Miss Chops loves her new board.

Now we made the boards we didn't want plain pegs so we set to it again making some beautiful pegs for their beautiful boards.

So that is our crafty weekend. 3 girls together is a lot of fun and a lot of mess at the end of the day.
All we need now is to think what we can make next. School holidays coming up soon there will be lots of time to get crafty. 


  1. Lucky girls to have a Mum who helps them make pretty, crafty things!
    Good luck with your Graphic Design course & thanks for your comment.

    1. Thanks Linda,
      Not sure who has more fun when we do it. hehehe. Thanks for the good wishes, I am loving my course, but it is pushing me thats for sure :) I look forward to reading more of your Blog. :) :) :)