Sunday, 17 June 2012


 I have started studying. I am doing an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and Advertising. Woah, its a mouth full.

This is one of the assignments i did in my computer subject. Had to place all these objects together from different pictures, and arrange them to look like they fit together.

In drawing I had to go through magazines and make up a character. I then had to draw it, scan it in to photoshop and make a movie poster for it.

My favourite so far is the following. We had to think of a design for a shirt. I had to scan it into photoshop, make it extreme black and white. I then had to make a stencil by drawing my picture on freezer paper and cutting it out. Ironed it on my shirt then painted it.

I got my gorgeous girl to model it for me. I am so pleased with how it came up.
After all this I had to make an A4 magazine spread for my shirt.

And this is the final product. I was extremely happy with the outcome and was amazed with what could actually achieve once i got into it.
My tutor loved it also, which made my day :)

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